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2021 Proposed Budget

 Huntington Manor Fire District


Town of Huntington 

County of Suffolk 


Christopher Fusaro

Chairman of the Board

                    Carlo Conte                                           Michael Pastore

                    Commissioner                                       Commissioner


                    Dane Martin                                        Raymond Spatafora

                    Commissioner                                      Commissioner



Appropriations                                                                  $5,570,186

Less total estimated revenues and unexpended

Balance                                                                              -180,000

To be raised by Real Property Taxes                              $5,390,186



A3410.1      Total Personnel Services                                $1,146,105


A3410.2      Equipment                                                       $382,815


A3410.4      Contractual and Other Expenses                  $2,031,606


A9010.8      State Retirement System Contribution         $210,000


A9030.8      Payroll Deductions                                          $104,296


A9040.8      Workers’ Compensation                                 $210,000


A9060.8      Hospital, Medical, Accident Insurance         $535,364


A9950.8      Unemployment Insurance                              $10,000


A9085.8      Supplemental Benefits                                    $515,000


A9950.9      Transfer to Capital Fund                                $400,000


TOTALS                                                                               $5,570,186


Less estimated revenues and unexpended balance           $180,000


Amount to be levied by real property taxes                      $5,390,186


The Board of Fire Commissioners will meet at headquarters the third Tuesday of each month at 8:00 PM unless otherwise stated. The meetings are open to the public.

Huntington Manor Fire District
1650 New York Ave
Huntington Station New York 11746
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