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                             2019 Budget 

Appropriations                                                                 $5,435,049

Less total estimated revenues and unexpended balance      -180,000


*To be raised by Real Property Taxes                            $5,255,049*



A3410.1     Total Personnel Services                                $1,100,606

A3410.0     Equipment                                                      $377,815

A3410.4     Contractual and Other Expenses                    $1,945,081

A9010.8     State Retirement System Contribution           $215,000

A9030.8     Payroll Deductions                                         $100,155

A9040.8     Workman’s Compensation                             $240,000

A9060.8     Hospital, Medical, Accident Insurance          $531,392

A9950.8     Unemployment Insurance                              $10,000

A9085.8     Supplemental Benefits                                   $515,000

A9950.9     Transfer to Capital Fund                                $400,000

                   TOTAL                                                          $5,435,049





The Board of Fire Commissioners will meet at headquarters the third Tuesday of each month at 8:00 PM unless otherwise stated. The meetings are open to the public.

Huntington Manor Fire District
1650 New York Ave
Huntington Station New York 11746
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